You could tell it was really bothering him, “Currently, I am not really sleeping that well. Supposedly I snore!” I explained, “Separate bedrooms would be an easy solution for that plus it’s healthier for both partner anyways.” Him agitated, “Why? Why is it healthier?” Me, “Subconsciously, we feel every move the other person makes and hear every sound during the night and it disturbs the deep sleeping phases and can negatively affect the REM phases. You can google more about this.” Him slightly confused, “Hmmm it makes sense, but I have to say I sleep much better when I am next to my wife.” Me, “Yeah, most men say that. It’s some type of false security feeling.” It rocketed out of his mouth, “When I sleep in another bed or am away from home something is missing. Also, when I wake up next to my wife I know in the morning right away what mood she’s in which I don’t always know when I sleep in another room. I know if I have to tiptoe around her if she’s in a bad mood.” Another customer who was eavesdropping on our conversation leans in and shouts out, “It’s best to always tiptoe!”

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