The internet has become an endless source of visual stimulation. Whatever your heart, dick, or vagina desire is out there. Most of it is for free, and you can pay if you want more. But often what’s for free is good enough and will be taken for granted. It’s just there and people consume, devour, stuff themselves. One of my readers made me aware of it when he sent me the message, “When I was growing up, if my friends wanted to look at pictures of beautiful women without clothes on, they had to buy or borrow a magazine. Now, I just have to wake up and look at my favorite blog! Life is so easy today. Haha.” Although, his comment was sent in love and with much humor, it made me question whether the internet contributes to the development that people lack the skill of reciprocity, take sex and sensuality for granted, and sexuality in itself has lost much value. Today, we just hook up, and it doesn’t mean you’re dating when you engage into sexual intercourse. It’s just a hook up … no responsibilities taken. You don’t owe the other person anything … till what? Often, in long term relationships people change their mind and vanish without explanation. They have a term for it now, “ghosting.” Back then at least you had to spend a few bucks to see a naked woman photographed … today most men just text some girl and request, “Send me a photo!” which means translated, “Send me a naked photo of you now.” And if you don’t you’re a uptight, boring bitch. Has ‘everything for free’ made us lose value of the things you cannot set a price on? And is it feeding our Asperger’s nation in which we have very little or no consideration for others?

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