I have had this happen to me many times in my life. I pull out a dog from death row. Nobody wanted this dog. It was dumped at the shelter, abandoned on the streets, or wondering emaciated left to starve to death in some dessert. I try to find this dog a forever home but nobody is interested. That dog is just not a fit for them. I end up taking the dog into my house, and it becomes part of my pack, part of my family. Once a dog is integrated into my existing family of rescue dogs it will stay forever no matter what. Then something interesting happens. All of a sudden, after the dog has lived with us for three to six months, random people on the street want my dog. I have even had people offer me ridiculous amounts of money to buy that exact dog that they could’ve gotten from the shelter for a minimal adoption fee. It is the same dog. Physically not much has changed about this dog, but all of a sudden, the dog is so appealing to people. Why is that? Because I love that dog now. I have put my energy into it. What once was someone’s trash is now my treasure. I would never ever sell this dog for any amount of money. The dog is part of my heart, and I suspect that is what makes it so appealing to others. People want what’s already cherished and loved. Many don’t know how or are too lazy to cherish or love, so they think they can buy it. But with an owner like this, who would possible leave the dog out in the yard day and night with not much attention, the dog would lose its value quickly, and they would try to acquire something else that’s already loved and cherish. People want what’s loved and cherish, but often they don’t want to put the work into it.

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