The terms of why a child cannot sit still, focus, or concentrate, write or master basic math … the learning disabilities and difficulties are endless. ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia … just to name a few. Now, there are even medical not just psychological treatment options. Anything that seems tiring to a child is not good for them. Even the “No” word is too toxic and should be avoided. Instead we are suppose to say, “Yes, let’s do that, but let’s do something else first.” Do we do our children a favor when we label them and always let them have their way? It seems, once you are labeled you cannot do something therefore it’s OK not to even attempt it. When he said it it struck me like there might be some deep rooted truth in it, “It seems many parents need their children to stay stupid and helpless. It gives them purpose, and they become life long enablers. Man, I am so glad nobody gave a damn about my dyslexia when I was growing up. It was tough, but after all I learned to read and write just fine.”
If I personally would just do things that come easy to me and aren’t tiring … I wouldn’t live.

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