Mr. StripperSense noticed, “L.A. seems so civilized in the lap dance department compared to everywhere else. In New York and San Francisco anything seems to go according to your customers.” I explain, “Many out of towers come to my club and claim that in their city, they can get this and that during a lap dance. Often, it feels they are trying to pressure me into doing sexual favors that supposedly are allowed in their city or at their club. They think telling me that it is OK to suck dick in SF will help me to agree to do the same right here and now as I am on my shift. Since it is OK in SF … They try to handle out a deal in their favor. When I tell them these sexual favors are against the law, and we cannot do such things they mostly do lap dances anyways under my conditions. I am usually very professional about it, and once they realize their stupid ‘but in NY and SF’ trick doesn’t work they behave very well. I also make sure I bring the point across that practicing prostitution in another city still doesn’t make it legal. That usually cures them from their unruly requests.”

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