Over the years, I have watched an interesting phenomena. For example, I have watched joggers, mothers with strollers or little kids holding their hands, pedestrians of all sorts, bike riders, skateboarders who are terrified of dogs run or drive into me and my pack of coonhounds. To me this behavior isn’t normal nor logical. These people don’t know me or my dogs. I could be some cooky lady who doesn’t have her dogs under control, or my dogs could be aggressive especially if you run or drive into them. Wouldn’t you at least use common sense when you encounter something that frightens you? Any other species will watch carefully what they don’t know or fear and preferable avoid it by changing their path, yet, human entitlement seems to push many into irrational behavior that could possibly be fatal. Watching people for many years it seems that the feeling of entitlement and inconsideration are causing most of the hurt and trouble in relationships. Humanity seems to have lost perspective, natural instincts are fading and are replaced by technology, communication happens in the cyber world and humanity seems to be getting more and more out of touch with real life situations. It seems the inflexible Asperger’s mind is becoming more and more the norm, and I am afraid this might lead to devastating consequences. Isolation, depression, loneliness, and social neglect are being fueled by the “I have the right to …” attitude, and the skill to walk in someone else’s shoes is fading.

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