I have observed over the past 7 years that each night at the club seems to be dominated by a trend. Maybe, it’s driven by universal energies, affected by how the stars align, or something else is ruling each night. For example some nights are dominated by the WhatAreYouDoingAfterwards customer types, or on another night, I get all the polite guys in the world that just get it that I am an entertainer and should be valued as well as reimbursed for my work and efforts. Orif I ask customers about their astrological sign I get in one night only Virgos, or Leos, or Scorpios, or I get in one night all the Jeffreys or Patricks as if there’s no other name for a man … I haven’t been able to determine yet what causes the trend but there’s definitely an energy trend that people pick up, and maybe, this affects our daily life more than we are aware of. Of course, this phenomena has made me very curious and as soon as I can find another lead to it I will write about it again. For now we just have to call it “Trending now at the strip club,” while tomorrow there’s going to be another trend for another night.

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