He was in his late 40s, overweight and out of shape but he kept bragging that he had just come from the gym. In his delusional mind he was kicking butt and a hot stud. I never asked him to do dances with me till he finally broke down, “Let’s go and dance.” I wasn’t against it. We did a few dances, and I was ready to move on. Not really the type of man I want to talk to for a long time, and I didn’t want to ask him for more dances, although, I felt he was waiting for me to push private dances. As I was getting ready to move on something interesting happened. He said to me, “You know some of the girls get very jealous when you do dances with other girls.” Me, “Not me. I am cool. The strip club is a playground where men can spread the love if they please to.” Then I moved on, and I saw him shortly approach one of the new girls. As they walked into the lap dance room he wanted to make sure I saw them. I did and was just thinking he made a bad choice on the girl. I had seen her dance with a guy before. She was very insecure and had much to learn, but never mind. When they came out of the lap dance booth I knew he was waiting for me to throw a jealousy fit. He didn’t believe me what I had told him about me not caring if he would do dances with other girls.  Sometimes, customers feel wanted when you get jealous, and that is what they are looking for. But I just couldn’t give it to him. I felt nothing, just happy that the new dancer and I, both of us, made money off of Mr. JealousyInstigator.

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