She felt bad admitting it to me but needed to just express it, “Oh, my feelings are so hurt. I did three dances for this guy and now he’s walking off into the lap dance room with Angel. I thought, I felt something special between us, something you don’t have with very many guys. I am such a fool. Of course, he’s not thinking anything about it just having fun. I get it, but strangely my feelings are hurt.” As our conversation went on she got more and more hurt, “Oh God, now this guy is doing already five dances with Angel. He did only three with me.” Then after Angel and her guy finally walk out of the lap dance booth my young colleague says with a shock in her voice, “OH GOOOD, did you just see this? They are head budding, and now, they are hugging like they are lovers. Ohhhh my feelings are so hurt.” Yes, we strippers have feelings too. We are just women and our hearts might be even bigger than you can imagine.

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