I used to be fairly tolerant about people doing drugs. When I talk about drugs I include alcohol and prescription drug abuse. I always thought, as long as I don’t have to participate I don’t care. Today, I consider my attitude I had towards drugs as very selfish. In the last few days my opinion about drugs has changed. Through a violent incident caused by drug abused the lives of two young, beautiful, gorgeous women I worked with have been destroyed. And with that a ripple effect has taken place and affected the lives of many others including their pets. Today, I change my mind on drugs. Drugs alter your mental state and unless drugs are used under detailed guidance, very skillfully monitored I am completed against all drugs because drugs destroy lives, families, marriages, happiness, health, and drugs affect not just the person that consumes them. If it were for me alcohol should be illegal and prescription drugs shouldn’t be so easily accessible. This doesn’t just apply to the strip club and the strippers. It applies to my neighbors who mistreat their kids and pets when drunk. It applies to the husbands that cheat on their wives when fucked up or beat them. The mothers who get fucked up and make their children cry because they don’t know what’s wrong with mommy. The best friends who start beating each other because they are on drugs, and the drunk driver who runs over a kid. It applies to the Michael Jacksons and Princes who OD because they thought drugs would take the pain away. It applies to everybody who thinks drugs are the solution and don’t understand drugs are the root of the problem. Down with drugs and up with mental health and self-awareness. Don’t use, get help instead!

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