We both agreed, working as a stripper has taught us to appreciate the female form and made us fall in love with our own bodies. The media trend does not survive in the strip club. With the clothes we stripped off, we also stripped off the believe only a certain body type is beautiful. We have seen it live with our own eyes. Women of all shapes, forms, weight, ethnicity, and age are beautiful, and men appreciate the female form without the judgment we women have for ourselves and other women. If all women could cherish their bodies, their femininity, and the empowerment that comes with it, many eating disorders and self-worth issues would be disarmed. Yes, the strip club is a very primal environment, yet, this is where many truths are revealed. Primal should not be judged as negative. No other species is concerned and negatively affected about their appearance. Therefore, experiencing this primal energy is often a huge wake up call and the first step to self-discovery and self-love.

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