Are you currently not working? Or your job doesn’t fulfill you? Or your plans for the future didn’t work out? Or you went through tremendous loss and you can’t get off the couch because sadness and grief are suffocating you? Do you feel nothing makes sense and you want to give up? Are you vegetating without doing anything that really matters? Do you feel hopeless, useless, depressed, heavy, unfulfilled … Are you wondering about the purpose of life? The meaning of your existence and your struggles?
Since I have moved to the United States I have worked many job. In fact, my first job in the US was working for free at a yoga studio as a receptionist in exchange for classes because nobody would employ me without references. I was young and passionate. I rode my bike — back then I didn’t have a car nor would I’ve been able to afford the gasoline for it — everyday to the studio to make sure I would check in people on time so they could take their beloved yoga classes. Already back then I understood I would make a difference even if I wouldn’t get paid in $$ for my efforts. From there on my career as a fitness instructor evolved and many other jobs and passions sprouted out of my little heart. I have been through ups and downs, I went through loss, and I too was at the point in my life where I thought I would lose my mind since nothing made sense. But you don’t just stop living. You don’t just waste your time sleeping, doing nothing, you cannot waste the very little, precious lifetime you were granted. Instead, get off your ass and create purpose for yourself. Whether you decide to save other’s lives or your own, in the end you will make a difference. You can help animals, children, elderly, or you can help yourself by studying and practicing how to become a healthier person, how to consume wiser. Even if you just change yourself, save your own life, in the end, your vibration will change and with that the world will change and become a little better, and who knows maybe you will inspire someone else to do the same. There is no purpose unless you create it yourself. Get up and do it! Today, because tomorrow might never come.

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