There was almost a pressing sense of desperation in her voice, “Please, Jones, will you teach me how to lap dance for my man?” Women from all walks of lives crave to learn the secret art of a lap dance. I asked her, “What do you think a lap dance is?” She said, “Well, I googled it. It’s a show. I have taken lap dance classes at numerous pole dancing studios, but when I tried dancing for the love of my life I felt stupid and laughed the whole entire time.” Many pole dancing studios teach the technical movements of a lap dance … often, it’s a choreographed routine, and the wives and girlfriends go home to surprise their partner, yet, often it backfires. Movement alone doesn’t make it pleasurable for your partner. What most men miss in their lives is the feeling of being respected, wanted, and desired despite the fact that they are sexual creatures. Sexuality is still labeled as a flaw and an evil impulse. Therefore, in the average relationship a man can only be respected when he suppresses his urges. However, in a good lap dance, a woman will actually give rise to the best sexual experience the man will ever have without even needing to touch him, while he feels desired and respected. This is not done by movements, or tricks. This is done by sparking his fantasy and therefore it will be perfect … his fantasies won’t betray his mind … therefore the stimulation will be flawless when the dancer is capable of tuning into him and connecting on a methaphysical level. But how do you do that?
I like her, and I wanted to give away my secret, so I pushed her down into the chair and said, “Let me show you …”

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