I remember years ago, over 1o years ago, when I had just arrived in Los Angeles … I was so innocent and young. I remember driving past the billboard that would advertise, “Fully nude girls, all night long,” “Gentlemen’s Club, Fully Nude,” “Fully XPOSED …” Back then I thought there were just naked girls dancing, and guys would go to see the naked girls. Today, I look at these billboards very differently. I know much more now. The billboards bring up many emotions. The girls that fully expose themselves have lives, hearts, hurt, fears, loneliness, anger, tears, sadness … each and every one of them have a story. Today, I know the guys that go to see the nude girls have lives, hearts, hurt, fears, perversions, they look for acceptance no matter how fucked up they are, they are lonely, many of them have wives, but nobody to talk to, or nobody that listens or will hear them … Today, everything has changed. Today, I could be one of the girls on the billboard. Today, I am one of them, although, today, I don’t dance fully nude anymore … I am still one of them. Today, I have a story too, a heart, hurt, loneliness, anger, insight. And I know what only women know who have fully XPOSED themselves … not their bodies alone, but their hearts and souls. Today, the dirty billboards of LA, who have caused a lot of controversy and some demand to have them removed, touch me deeply.

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