She was actively dating for years, and we had talked about her experiences many times. But that night in the dressing room she was upset about this guy she had been out with 5 times. He had courted her, taken her to dinner, dancing, and they had spent some nice times together, yet, he was aloof, and she wasn’t sure what he was looking for. Even when she asked him, “What do you want out of this? Do you really want to get to know me or do you just want to have fun?” He had stayed vague and said what most men would say, “I am having fun and getting to know you.” This is a bullshit answer avoiding what the woman is really tying to find out. The question is formulated nicer but what it really means is: do you feel like this could become a serious relationship or do you just want to fuck? I told her, “This guy wants to fuck but is too much of a loser and coward to admit it. He thinks if he courts you he will get into your panties.” But he was wrong. On their last date she gave him a really good tip, “You know Brent, how you would get pussy much faster and more often? By being honest about what you want. We women are sexual creature too, and we do want sex. But when a guy courts you and pretends like this is a girlfriend boyfriend thing we women hold back too. If there’s a chance of developing something deeper we take our time, plus, especially an experienced woman, will feel when something is fishy and a guy just does things to get laid. I hate to break it to you. But last Saturday one of my guy friends hit me up and admitted he just wanted to have sex and wasn’t looking for something deeper. I had always found him attractive and sexy, and I respect his honestly so much. Therefore I fucked him really, really good all night long. He got respect and my pussy, while you, aren’t going to get anything. Just a tip. You want to get more pussy, man up and have the courage to tell a woman what you are looking for.”
It would be nice and much hurt could be avoided if both parties in any relationship could be honesty about their intentions.

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