The good thing about being a stripper is you can make a lot of money. I mean a lot of $$$. The downside of being a stripper is you can also not make any money or even lose money.
The upside of stripping is that some customers never come back. The downside is you might never see a customer again, especially the ones you wish to see again.One of the positive sides of working in strip clubs is that you have flexible hours. If you have a day job you can work nights. The worst thing about stripping is working night shifts especially if you hold a day job. It’ll absolutely kill you.
Stripping will teach you a lot about humanity and give you insights into the male way of thinking and relationships. That’s equally good as bad.
The wonderful thing about being a stripper is that you are the object of desire. You’re admired and often put on a high pedestal. The bad thing about the pedestal is the higher it gets the harder and deeper you fall when they take it down.
As a stripper you are an independent contractor. You only do what you want to do, talk to who you want to talk to, and dance for who you want to dance for. Nobody can force you to do anything you don’t wish to do. On the downside, you have no security, no insurance, no backup. You are completely on your own.
As a stripper you get to pick you own music and dance to what you wish to dance to. Unless your DJ doesn’t like your music. Then you’re fucked and have to dance to the shit he picks even if it doesn’t turn you on, and you don’t like his type of music.
Stripping can be very much fun. You meet very many cool, fun, nice people. On the other hand, you meet very many annoying, boring, stupid, rude people you wish you would’ve never met.
Stripping opens a door to another world the average person has no insight to. It changes your life completely. It can go both ways. Enhance your life or take you down.
Stripping can be a fun as well as dry, daunting profession.
My list of up– and downsides of stripping could go on and on. In the end, like with everything in life, it all depends on what you make out of it. It’s in your attitude and strength to navigate how any profession will affect you. There is always two if not three sides to everything.

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