We had looked back onto our most glorious times as strippers. We both feel that there was so much more money in the industry years ago, but it is getting more and more difficult to keep up with the shift that has happened. Strippers used to be respected in their profession, but a drastic shift has happened. We — both of us being experienced dancers — were wondering if emancipation had struck us women once more in a negative way. Today, many women come to the strip club to hang out with our customers. They are not working women, but they figure they can find men here, as well as dancers are crossing the line too more often. Many dancers hang out at their club or other clubs when they aren’t working. They talk to the men, hook up with them, they meet outside of the club easily, and the profession of the stripper is not seen only as entertainment anymore. Often, some of the girls aren’t actually entertainers, instead they work in the service industry under the cover of a stripper — you know what I mean. It is a shame because seduction, striptease, a good show on stage as well as in the lap dance room is worth so much. But many men now a days come to the club and look for something else. It has taken the charm out of being a performer. Often, we have to defend ourselves why we aren’t going home with the customer, why we aren’t willing to meet him outside of the club, why we don’t want to be friends with benefits. A traditional stripper is like a star, a celebrity. And you don’t ask a star to hang out. You expect them not to. Therefore you should expect the same if you respect your stripper. She’s there for you with all she has to offer when she’s working. And she shouldn’t cross the line. Stripper etiquette needs to be brought back and redefined. But is it possible?

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