This customer type is obsessed with getting a stripper’s phone number. I call him the StripperNumberCollector. And this type of customer will work very hard for getting what he wants: your phone number and only your phone number. He will leave no stone unturned, no mountain unclimbed. His effort is astonishing. However, there is no harm in giving Mr. StripperNumberCollector what he wants because he will never call you anyways. He is a weak man, and it is enough for him to have your phone number and dream about calling you one day. Having your phone number and knowing he could call you will satisfy him, yet, as a stripper you are safe because he will never bother you. Dreaming about something you can possibly do is for many people so much more enjoyable and feels so much safer than taking action to actually do it. A life in fantasy land guided by strong, vivid imagination can certainly be fulfilling to some point.

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