It is widely known that men value respect more than love. In studies, when men were asked whether they wanted their partner to love or respect them, the majority of men chose respect over love. When a man feels a woman respects him deeply some sort of addiction to this feeling of pride she gives him forms and this man will be hers till death do them part. Why does this happen so rarely? Why do women have such a difficult time keeping a man and building a life with him? I think the answer is very simple. We women respect men who can keep their word, come through with their promises, and are reliable. A man you can count on, who is a strong character will definitely be a magnet for any woman. A man who does what he says and means what he says deserves our respect, yet, I have not met a man who has these character traits. The modern male is weak. He lies, promises things and will never follow through, and he’s most definitely unreliable. If he doesn’t lie intentionally then he’s at least delusional and that makes him look like a liar too. Most men have wonderful intentions but they never come through with it. The modern male is lazy — and maybe technology is contributing to this issues. He won’t go out of his way, he expects the woman to be the hero, he has no persistence, and he will say things to get things, yet, it’s all bullshit. Therefore women lose respect. And even if a woman is following some psychologist’s advice to get her man to commit she won’t be able to fake respect. I think men can feel it on a chemical level when a woman loses respect more and more. When a man’s true nature is uncovered he will flee due to fear of having to face and carry the consequences of his true nature.  Love can survive lies, scams, dishonesty, weakness, anything. But to be truly respected … now that takes what most men cannot offer a woman, and therefore, relationships don’t make to “till death do us part.” To the women it feels the men are running away but what’s really happening is primal rejection due to women disrespecting their mate.

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