Men are mostly more willing to buy you a drink or several drinks than tip you on stage. In fact, certain customers visit the strip club without ever tipping a single girl on stage, yet, they will buy multiple girls multiple drinks over the course of an entire shift. These customers must think that the chance of getting a stripper wasted increases their chance of getting laid. But I do believe there’s another reason why they want you to ‘party’ with them involving drugs and alcohol. Obviously, this customer type is an addict and needs drugs and/or alcohol to have a good time. He might be aware of the fact that he’s really fucked up. When he has company in his drug/alcohol binge he doesn’t feel this bad about himself anymore. Getting wasted together feels and looks much better than getting wasted by yourself.
In my still somewhere existing innocence and believe in humanity, I cannot believe a strip club customer would spend hundreds sometimes thousand of dollars on booze to damage a stripper’s health, yet, will refuse to tip her on stage so she can pay her rent, buy food, and do something good for herself with the money he spends. It’s a tilting world to me.

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