The male way of thinking — or maybe it’s the not thinking — continues to amaze me. It is fascinating to me me what men think it might take for you to hook up with them. I am talking about men from all walks of life, all age groups, all ethnicity, and all levels of education. They think a minimal tip on stage, one lap dance, offering to buy me a drink, or just even a 10 minute conversation would be enough for me to have a one night stand with them. Often, these men are not compatible with me at all. They have nothing in common with me, I am way out of their league, but they still feel they have a fair chance of getting laid without investing anything else but a miniscule contribution. From experience I know men are highly trainable creatures. You can condition a man better than Pavolv’s dogs. I cannot stop wondering who trained them to think they are irresistible even if they are completely out of shape, unhealthy, fat, drunk, nasty, smelly, stupid fucks, and who taught them the confidence to even think a woman my caliber could be interested in a one night stand with them? It’s a puzzling and bewildering dilemma to me. Are the mothers at fault? Or other women? Or their fathers?

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