Female nipples are banned from Facebook and Instagram, and we women cannot just go topless on a hot day — not that I would want to but it would certainly get me arrested. Living in a hot climate like Los Angeles I encounter a very disturbing issue on a daily basis: the topless male and often the crack of his ass. I am not afraid of nudity but when I see an out of shape, fat construction worker just standing out on a porch thinking he’s the hot, sweaty shit, or a wobbly topless jogger who thinks jogging makes him athletic and desirable, or I turn around and are forced to see the crack of a hairy male ass because the dude thinks it’s cool to flash me I am not invigorated by this accidental visual disaster. Of course, to protect my delicate sense for esthetic I turn my head the other direction, but the hairy ass crack shock sits deep, and the topless fatso who is only promoting sickness and slow death is like a haunting memory I just wish I would’ve not been exposed to. I feel, we women should have a choice whether we want to see a naked man nipple or ass. Just like men we can go to strip clubs and see male strippers perform for us, and we will be well prepared for the chest and ass flash that we choose to see. All rights for everybody. Cover your junk dudes.

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