He’s young, in his mid 30s, and he should be at the peak of his life. But he’s not. It comes out of his mouth like a guilty confession, “Yeah, I shouldn’t eat all of these bad things. But they just taste so good. That’s why I am out of shape.” I meet many men who are embarrassed about their weight and the fact that they are out of shape. I say to him, “You can make better choices, and get back on track. You can find other things that are really goo, and it’ll be easy to resist foods that aren’t good for you.” Him very logically, “But I don’t have right now any other things that are really, really good … that’s why I get my fix through food.” I cannot change the way a person thinks and certainly it’s not my job as a stripper to do that. However, I wonder, why would a young man not even be more focused on being in the best shape of his life till he finds ‘other things’ and in order to attract ‘other things’ that will give him the high.


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