Almost every club has their thing, meaning it is not easy to get in. Of course, first they will make you audition. Even clubs that do not have good dancers make a big deal out of the audition. You have to prove that you can dance. Then, if they hire you right away — which most of the times has nothing to do with how good of a dancer you really are, they will first give you the worst shifts ever. You have to work your way up, show them that you are worth of working a peak night. Or even worse, you have to hunt down management and beg over and over for them to hire you. Management will have many excuses why they cannot hire you at the moment. They want you to be desperate to work there and put effort into getting a job at that club. I used to wonder why this happens almost at every club a co-stripper of mine or I would audition. But today it’s clear to me. It’s simply politics and a set up to have gratitude for the amazing opportunity the club gives you once they finally do hire you. Most clubs hire anybody, but you’ll still have to go through the whole spiel. Once in a while, you find a club that does not need these power games, but they are rare. In the end, the stripper is suppose to be at their mercy. It’s strange, because any club wouldn’t be a strip club if there weren’t any dancers in it. They would just be a regular bar, and full nude clubs where alcohol isn’t served wouldn’t even exist. But often, those clubs play the biggest games.

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