Just like in real life long term relationships between customers and dancers can form. And just like in real life, unfortunately, the relationship has a natural progression. In the beginning the customer has admiration for the dancer and usually respects her business really well by understanding that she is a performer. He tips her well and is generous. Over time, the more a stripper might trust the customer, he will start taking her for granted, become cheap, even expect her to perform for free. It should really be the other way around but strangely it isn’t. Just like in long term relationships or marriages the more the partners get used to each other the more at least one of them starts taking the other for granted. I have rarely found a customer who is steady in his behavior or becomes even more appreciative the better I treat him and cater to him. It’s a strange tilt. It often seems that if you want to hold a man’s respect and attention you can never let him be part of you world of kindness. You better keep him at distance within strict boundaries and regulations. He needs to know he’s just a customer. Sadly, but the lessons learned in the club are very valuable for real life and worthy of sharing.

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