Are you working to support your family? Are you trading precious life time for hourly pay or a set salary? Are you having sex because you are married and it’s your duty? Or are you having sex with someone just because there’s no better choice? Are you getting married because that’s suppose to be the next step in life and your future spouse just looks like a secure match? Are you madly in love with your lover or just comfortable where you are? Being comfortable can mean being miserable as well. Are you staying because you feel comfortable with the misery you are familiar with and the fear of change is bigger than the misery you live every day in?
Don’t point fingers at us strippers. Don’t look down on women who work their bodies to make a living. Because inside of everybody lives a whore and a Hitler. Battle the Hitler and admit to your inner whore. Because you too have some shady shit going on in your cover up seemingly perfect life.

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