Some men have the deep desire to meet their stripper outside of the strip club. But before you keep pushing for that you need to ask yourself if this is really a good idea. I personally think, I am way more fun inside of the strip club. When you meet me outside you will quickly find out that I am very conservative when it comes to dating — I was raised traditionally, and I expect a man to take the lead and do the courting thing, which most men are not very fond of. The modern male is used to being guided and appreciates when a woman makes demands because it gives him safe guidelines. Women are typically meant to be men’s conquest but it seems to me the roles have shifted drastically. In my world, the roles have stayed the conservative way, and I look for a man who can read my mind, figure me out, and is able to navigate things to make both of us happy. And that is a tricky part to play. I am not very fancy but still very complex. I follow very healthy, most would say extreme eating habits and schedules, and I don’t drink. I am not a wild party animal, and I don’t pretend on dates to be someone I am not. I don’t want to impress a man to fall in love with me. I want him to fall in love with me for who I truly am. I don’t want to get married and am not looking for a sex hookup. In fact, I am looking for a man who can improve my life as well as sweep me off my feet intellectually, creatively, and sexually. I want to be inspired by my prince. Plus, he needs to be capable of understanding and respecting my life as a stripper, which is most difficult for many men. He needs to know how to play …
In the strip club it’s very different and simple. You don’t have to feed me, and since I am a free spirit it won’t matter that I don’t drink. It’s actually beneficial to you and will save you money. My job is to entertain, seduce, and make the first move. I love it, and I am good at it. Once, I find someone I like I will be hooked on him, crave his attention and want him forever, till death do us part, or at least till I quit working as a stripper.

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