People are hungry. We crave sex, food, money, attention, validation. People stuff their bellies with non nutritious foods and drinks, engage into unfulfilling, meaningless sex, post their lives away to get likes on social media from people who don’t give a damn about them and just like it in the hope they will be liked back. People agree without truly agreeing, stop forming their own opinions to better fit it, people stop expressing because someone could be offended by it, and money can buy everything, at least, that is what we hope to believe. But no matter what you eat, who you fuck, how much money you make and have, and how many likes you get most people die hungry, very hungry. Because what we really crave isn’t sex, food, money, attention, fame, and popularity. Humanity is hungry for compassion. For a true connection. For love and appreciation. We all want to feel like we matter. And that is the only real satisfaction you can find.

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