The handsome prince was trapped in the giant tower as he saw the young maiden dancing barefoot in the nearby meadow. He yelled, “Hey, you, I am trapped.” She just heard the echo of his voice and looked up puzzled to the tower. Him, “Hey, come here. Help me, now!” Rapunzel came a little closer because she couldn’t believe the commanding tone that was directed at her. The prince again now even more impatient and aggressive, “I am a prince, and I am trapped. I hold a fortune.” Rapunzel wasn’t impressed and thought for a moment to just run away and minding her own business, but her mother had taught her not to be selfish and have compassion for other people’s suffering. So she looked up to the tower once more. The prince finally realized that he had to be a little more charming to keep her attention. He tried again, “Hello young maiden. What is your name?” She answered suspicious, “My name is Rapunzel.” The prince again very impatient, “Are you the one with the long, strong braid? Rapunzel, throw up your hair so I can climb down and free myself from my prison.” Rapunzel though for a moment. Her mother had taught her to be compassionate and helpful to people in need, but her mother had taught her as well not to talk to strangers. The prince even more pressing now, “Rapunzel, throw your hair up. Do it now! I am a prince and I am rich. And we can live happily ever after.” Rapunzel tilted her head to the side and responded very politely, “I am sorry, your highness. I was never good at throwing things.” And she ran away, and they did not live ever happily after. Sometimes, Rapunzel thinks of the man in the tower, and she wonders if he was really a prince or just some sexual deviant jailed by the king even if he was his son.

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