It’s known that men don’t communicate the way we women communicate. Even if they have a best friend they usually don’t talk about their relationships and what might push daggers into their heart. Men talk about things, they play or watch games together, they talk about hot chicks, they brag about themselves, and they like to pretend that everything is OK even if it isn’t. It’s widely known that men bottle things up, have a tough time expressing, and rather not talk about that kinda stuff.
They might come to the strip club and mention “something, “so you get the idea they are in deep shit. But they still insist, “I am happily married.”
It took me a long time to understand why men often live a life in such denial. Why they lie about what’s really happening with their children, their relationships, with themselves. Living in denial will stop progress and prevent change.
One reason is the fear of change. Most men at least know what to expect even if it’s complete misery, so they settle for it. At least they know what’s coming. They are used to it.
But there’s another reason for the ‘everything is awesome’ pretend. Admitting to a friend that they have family shit going on would mean admitting that they failed in life. Men are expected to be in tough and in charge. Admitting to be hurt and possibly suffering would just make them look like a wimp. And of course, wimps fails. Instead of looking at what’s really going on, most men try to fix things. And unfortunately, most men think family disasters and failing marriages can be fixed by bringing home more money, yet, the greed is what caused the misery, the out of touch relationships, the lost connection to the loved ones in the first place.

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