I have always been a very skilled multi-tasking person. I have a very good sense of time, and I can navigate multiple projects at the same time completing them in a timely matter. I’ve also been a very fast moving person my whole entire life. People would tell me I would complete in a day what other people can only accomplish in a month. I have never needed much time to recover or prepare for my next task. However, as I grow older, I’ve changed my priorities. I can still be very fast, and I can quickly move on to the next thing if I have to. But most of the time I choose not to. I love the things I do in life, and I’ve caught myself purposefully not rushing to move on to the next task. I enjoy taking my time and don’t care anymore what others expect. As I grow older, I have discovered that I want more time with myself, and most importantly, with my precious dog family. I often choose staying home over going anywhere. I have slowed down on dog walks because I really enjoy being out so much, and although, they say as we grow older time goes faster, I seem to spend more time doing what really matters. I hope growing older means for everybody not having less time but enjoying more time doing what you love, watching yourself during these activities (even if it’s just taking the afternoon off to lounge with the dogs on the couch), observing how happy you are living in the moment. Because when you live like that you discover you have all the time you need to live happy in the moment doing what really matters. And the rest, the dramas, the troubles, the uneasy people, the things that would rob you of happiness … seems like a shadow of the past.

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