Of course, I’ve built over the years a very thick skin when it comes to men, relationships, and the things men tell me. I know, it usually doesn’t mean much what’s said in the moment, and the only thing that can proof a man’s true intentions is time. Time will reveal it all …
But any time, my first layer of thick skin seems to start shedding off when it comes to a particular man, something interesting happens …
Clark is a regular customer of mine. He is a very thoughtful, somehow successful artist, and he has been visiting me at the club for little over a year now. He has been asking me to go to dinner with him for many months now. Clark will say, “Jones, I hope one day you will accept my dinner invitation. It comes with nothing attached just my wish to spend more time with you. You and I have something very special. You are very special to me.” Well, they all say that but in the end men expect “something” in return for dinner and let me show you what “special” means to many men. Clark and I have had many meaningful conversations at the club and, although, he’s not the most generous customer despite the fact that he’s off wealthy, he usually does about three dances with me each time he visits. The last time he came in I could see myself thinking differently about Clark. Clark had really paid his dues and the thought did pop into my head, if he would ask me tonight again, to say “yes” to his dinner invitation. We had sat for at least an hour, and I had listened to his exciting career developments encouraging him and boosting his self-confidence when I was called on stage. Sure enough, although, he is my regular another girl took my seat right away and starting chatting with Clark. I can’t blame her. He’s a nice guy. Shortly, I see how him and the other dancer walk right in front of me into the lap dance booth. Aaaaahhhhh, I felt stupid. Just when I had started to shed  my thick protective first layer of skin Clark had showed me his real face. It gets even worse. He comes out of the lap dance booth and walks straight up to me and says, “Sorry, Jenny took me away for a moment.” I just turned around and walked away. He might’ve wanted to make me jealous, but that doesn’t work. He taught me something much more important I shall never forget: never trust a man’s intentions. In the end, they are all imbeciles, and they don’t know what they are doing. Many times, in my career as a stripper I was tempted to let down my protective shield, but luckily, I was always hit with a big disappointment and eye opening experience that protected me from meeting a man outside of the club. It’s good to move slow and see what a man is really about when his patience is tested. As for Clark and his next attempt to take me out to dinner, my answer to him will this time be, “I think, you should ask Jenny to have dinner with you.”
Don’t fuck with a stripper. It’ll do irreversible damage. Clark is now on the bottom of my list. I’ve lost all respect for him.

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