This customer is also a regular of yours. He has come to visit you at the club for months, even years. You know you can trust him. He has always paid you for the dances he has done. He might not be very generous but you think he would never stiff you. But then, one night, he does stiff you. He gets drunk, does 10 dances with you and pays you only for 3 1/2 dances. He says, “This is all the money I have.” You, “Well, you need to go to the ATM and get the rest.” Him, “I can’t my account is overdrawn. I didn’t know how it works.” How can he all of a sudden not know how this works, although, he has done this many, many times. What can you do, you let it go. You don’t want to make a big deal out of it, after all, he’s become a friend and regular over the years. You think, he will come back on your next shift and pay you what he owes you. Instead, you get a text about 30 minutes after club closing, “Hey, Jones, I got the cash now.” He thinks you are going to be stupid enough to go to his house and pick up your money and possibly an STD along with it. MEN!

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