I had been the last girl out on the floor at the end of this shift. Most girls had already left, and there were only 4 girls in the dressing room left when I walked in. As usual, at the end of the shift, some stripper secrets are revealed. Tonight, they were teasing Dina, who I find to be one of the most gorgeous dancers I had ever seen. She’s an exotic beauty. Her face and body are perfectly proportioned. She’s very feminine with beautiful subtle curves, a captivating face that is hugged by her luscious, long, eye catching hair. A natural, exotic beauty; a stunning woman. Ariella was laughing and yelling, “Jones, oh my Gosh, should see Dina’s boyfriend. He’s so ugly. He’s fat, with a wide, giant head. His head is huge; he’s so ugly. And look at her, she’s so beautiful. She is so gorgeous. I just wish I would be an ugly dude so I could have sex with Dina.” The other girls agreed, “yes, he’s so ugly, you can’t even describe it.” Another dancer, “Dina, how can you want him. Look at you, you are the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen. He is so ugly.” They were laughing. Dina just sat quietly on her chair with her head bowed down and tried to justify her choice defending her man, “But I love him. He … he’s good to me. He treats me well. He’s a good person.” For a moment there was dead silence in the dressing room till we all exhaled a giant gasp, “AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!”
And with that the girls moved on to the next subject. Because there was nothing more to say or laugh about. We strippers cherish a man who treats us well. We read men much quicker than most other women do, because we meet so many and learn so much about them in such very little time. We understand how rare it is when a man ‘gets what he wants’ but still treats you well and doesn’t morph into a trophy bragging asshole. Most of the time sex changes a guy into taking you for granted and trying to play a power game. We stripper understand the difference between lust and love. And when we find love with the right man … it doesn’t matter whether he’s ugly, fat, awkward, or strange. Because we know how rare love is. That is how the beast ends up with the most gorgeous beauty.

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