Women still look for a partner who would will be the rock in their life, and they want to build their lives around the life of their man. I think many women especially younger than forty are trying to build a life with their significant other, yet, that exactly is what men under forty frightens the most. Fear of commitment has been discussed by many psychologists, and even entire businesses have been build on trying to teach women how to “trick” men into losing their fear of making a choice and committing to her. Women are busier than ever navigating the male brain … they even spend thousand of dollars on entire step by step systems to train the man of their choice into believing that she is the one. Now a days it’s almost as if the women are nervous to propose not knowing if he will reject her. What has happened? What has gone wrong? It seems now a days the flowers chase and visit the bees? It seems all upside down. In trying to build this perfect story book family women seem to have abandoned their power. We are so much more powerful than we were years ago, yet, women have become the chasers. We are now financially independent and most likely, if you are a woman, you have lived on your own for years just fine. You don’t need a man to support you. You don’t even need a man to have children, you can just go to a sperm bank if your clock is running out. Yet, although, there is way more men than women, the female desperation has caused so much pain, suffering, and confusion. I wonder, if things would change if young women could learn early enough that their life partner should be handled like dessert. Meaning, he is not the main course, he is not essential for survival. And of course, there are many choices of dessert. You can go with a delicious, raw vegan, nutritional, sweet treat that will nurture your body and improve your health, or you can pick a decadent, trans fat and sugar filled treat that will deplete your body of important nutrients and even raise your risk for diabetes, heart attack, ages you prematurely, and spoils your otherwise consciously healthy food choices. That kind of dessert will take a toll physically, emotionally (we all know that high sugar insulin roller coaster ride effect), and psychologically. If you ask me for advice. I’d say focus on building your main course. Educate yourself on how to build a healthy, well chosen, happy life style. And if the right dessert comes around, if you can be very sure it’ll not mess with everything you have achieved, take a little bite first to see if it’s really as delicious and well tolerated as you thought it is. Chew thoroughly to discover all flavors in the first bite, maybe refrigerate the rest to make sure the little bite you took agrees with your digestive system, and proceed carefully with the consumption of the rest. Remember, there are many dessert choices out there, and devouring one after the other will only turn you into a fat, unhealthy pig. Eat and indulge slowly, mindfully, and carefully. Because your life does not depend on dessert.

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