She had knocked on my door because their cat had gone missing. They had lived a few houses up from me for several years now. The perfect family with a five year old son, a story book husband and her, the sometimes annoying, typical, nosy housewife. She had often, when I was walking my dogs past her house, tried to involve me into conversation mainly regarding her weight gain. She knows I work in fitness so people like her expect me, an exercise specialist, to fix their problem just by talking about it. I had tried to avoid conversations with her as much as possible since often people like her get upset with me when I can’t offer a quick fix for their health and weight issues by just talking about it. But that day, I felt bad for her looking for her lost kitty. She was determined to search my back yard and studio thinking I was hiding the cat there, or my dogs had killed her kitty, or her cat was hiding injured in my garage. I told her, “Look, my ‘garage’ is my exercise room. No animal can get in there without me letting it in. I even have a stripper pole installed.” All of a sudden she couldn’t stop her lose mouth anymore, “Oh believe me, I don’t mind your stripper pole. I have been a stripper for over 12 years. I was still dancing 5 months pregnant with my son.” I just nodded my head. Her confession didn’t surprise me. I have met wives from celebrities who confess to me they had worked several years as strippers. The profession of the stripper is way more widely spread than you think it might be. You might be surprised, but the old lady living next to you might’ve danced her ass off 50 years ago to feed her family. The young girl that lives across from you in your building and does late night study groups might actually dance instead of studying. Stripping isn’t as exotic and rare as you think. But it’s still not as accepted as it should be.

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