Often times, I see new girls start dancing, and the first night they work they give it their all, and I have to say they look good. The spark of enthusiasm, excitement, and the fun of performing has woven its net around them. They are the star, and they feel as high as a kite. Their adrenaline is pumping in their veins, and they feel as if the world belongs to them. But this cloud of glamour doesn’t last long. They live frivolously through the club shifts, they take it all in and within the same week the glamorous dancer is washed out, burned out, and another new girl takes the attention till she’s burned out. It seems to be like a vicious cycle. The temporary strip club fame, the new girl money, the booze, the gruesome night shifts are stronger than each girl’s spirit. And soon, the girl is either off to the next club to try her luck again, or she’s a washed out dancers who doesn’t give a damn anymore. Not very many of us last and can hold their ground. The ones that do understand that you have to work smart, pace yourself, protect yourself energetically as well as physically, and never allow the glamour to get to your head, are the ones that survive. We are the storm troopers.

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