I have noticed that problem especially when female customers visit the strip club. It seems they are almost addicted to sticking money into your bra and panties. And these bitches are fast. They lean over the railing and boom before you even notice the bitch breaks the law and has stuffed your panties with a scratchy handful of money. Now, they probably think a stash of dollar bills next to my ass is suppose to make me happy. Or stuffing my bra with money is suppose to turn me on — thank you, but I already have giant breast and my bra does not need any more stuffing. What is it with those women who think they have the privilege to touch me? First of all, they are breaking the law. It is strictly prohibited to touch the dancers. Second of all, who gives them the right to think it’s OK to touch dancers in a strip club? Just because they have a vagina and breast doesn’t mean it’s OK to touch mine. Third of all, do you know how dirty money is? It’s full of germs. And I don’t want any Egyptian cotton near my precious breast, nipples, my glorious vagina, or my well polished derriere. Money belongs on the stage floor and into my wallet. It should not come near my private parts ever. Please keep your hands off of me and try sticking a stash of dollar bills up your ass and see if it turns you on before you expose any of us dancers to such inappropriate abuse. Please remember, strippers are humans and have feeling too. Show some respect.

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