I know, I have talked about this customer type before, but he’s just still too common not to bring it up again. Actually, I admit, I am kinda bothered by him, actually, that’s not entirely true, he really pisses me off. And part of me being pissed off at him is my own fault. Because I have given countless of times a random homeless person that was standing at the side of the street a single dollar — I have given more than just a dollar to a homeless person but let’s just discuss my $1 contribution. Now, that homeless person that was standing there begging for money wasn’t spending time with me listening to my sorrow, thoughts, discussing my relationship issues with me … that homeless person wasn’t performing or doing any special tricks to entertain me. Most of the times, that homeless person that gets only $1 from me doesn’t do anything just begging, blocking traffic, or littering the area they are camping out in. But I am still happy to give them a dollar. Yes, I do feel sorry for them, and I hope my dollar will make their life better. I hope they won’t spend that dollar on booze or drugs. But that homeless person also isn’t all made up, smells good, or pulls a killer dance show for me. They are just there, and oh God, if I could give more I would. But when a well dressed customer walks up to the stage and makes sure you know that he gave you this amazing single dollar bill … then that is just embarrassing and kinda insulting to my art as a stripper and pole dancer — I am not a homeless person begging. Most of the times, the well dressed people whose wallet is filled with $20 bills tip you one single dollar. What am I suppose to do with that single dollar bill? Go to the 99 cent store and buy me something nice — what about the tax they will add? Oh, I am suppose to buy just food, like one banana? Or a pack of gum? You can’t even get a decent, non-toxic, sugar free pack of gum for $1 anymore. Maybe the $1 tipper is stuck in the past. I am sure 50 years ago you could buy something fun with a single dollar. But it’s 2016!!! And please do not even come close with that single dollar tip and try to stick it into my garter! A single dollar does not belong in my garter.
So, here’s a tip. If you don’t want to or can’t tip a stripper more than a single dollar do it secretly, or wait till you have some cash on hand and can afford to visit a strip club and the entertainment that is offered there. And in case you forgot: nope, we do not get an hourly wage or a flat rate paycheck for a shift at the strip club!

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