I don’t think we strippers will ever get rid of our reputation of being money hungry women who just turn on auto-pilot in order to make as much money as they can. But believe it or not, in the strip club, maybe even more than in the “real world” relationship develop. Yes, we do relate to people, we do relate to our customers. We often care deeply. We have meaningful conversations, we are compassionate, we want to make our customer’s lives better. And in the strip club, deep conversations do pop up. It’s not just small talk or sweet talk. Sometimes, meaningful, important things are said and discovered, because we are all there for one reason. And TheManWhoLivesForLove said it perfectly last night while we were dancing together, “We either grow or we die. That’s it.” And he’s so right. If you are not in it for learning, feeling, breathing, moving, changing … then your are on your sure way to death, because then your life has already ended before you take your last breath. Make today a day that is filled with reason. Be open for the adventure, be open for growth. Because the only difference between and ordeal and an adventure is your attitude.

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