My father taught my sister and me a very important lesson for life. When there is a problem you sit down in peace and talk it through to find a solution or comprise.
However, I find that the strip club is not a place of reason. When someone wrongs you, stiffs you, betrays you, fucks with your business or money it’s pointless to try to explain your boundaries, how they hurt you, how you feel they were unfair, or trying to at least to explain your point of view. It’s more like begging for respect, and you will look like a complete clown. Instead, I learned to take the necessary consequences in order to protect myself from further bullshit. This is mostly achieved by changing my attitude, and how I see this person knowing what I learned. There are some people who work with me that are physically still alive but to me they do not exist anymore. They died for me and are irrelevant, non-existent, and no further allowed in my world, and it always works to protect myself from their greed, disrespect, selfishness, and rudeness. It’s like a secret weapon. I call it mind over matter. You do what needs to be done, “..thick face … black heart.”
I once more find the same applies to the real world. I have to say, unfortunately, my dear father in all his attempts to raise my sister and me right, and to make the world a better place is wrong. A bitter but important lesson I still struggle with.

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