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I admit, I love doing lap dances. It can be a very sensual, empowering experience, and my intention is always to make it enjoyable for both parties. However, I will admit, sometimes I fail too, sometimes I am not entirely honest when I do a dance, sometimes … life just happens. So call it a confession, call it whatever you want, but for whatever reason I do want to share this experience with you, because it’s my first.
We had had good conversation at the bar, and at some point, he grabbed my hand and said almost in a commanding way, “You will do a dance for me now!” I liked him, he was well dressed, smelled good, an opinionated gentleman … there was no reason to refuse the dance. We walked off into the lap dance booth. Some men like to talk during their dance. It’s not my style — I am more of a quiet, sensual dancer — but I am OK with it. He was definitely one of the talkers, and he wanted to tell me all about how and what he would do to me during sex. He went on and on and on … I heard some of it — and it wasn’t really my sexual preference in the first place. But then he asked me, “How do you want it?” This question hit me like a lightening had just struck me. It pulled me out of my zone … because all I could think about was the gluten banana bread I had squeezed in to bake before I had gone to the club so I could have a fresh, juicy slice of banana bread with a hot, low acid cup of creamy, Stevia sweetened coffee in the morning when I would wake with just three hours of sleep to go and work my day jobs. In my defense, I think when he started talking about my clitoris my mind drifted off to the banana bread. As I mentioned in my previous post, we all do have out coping mechanisms.

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