Do we really? I hear women and men say this all the time, and I wonder what makes them come to this conclusion. The men most likely think this because many of us just let it go when a customer behaves like an ass. What can you do that would make a difference anyways? We are smart enough to know that you cannot change a person, no matter what you say or do. We are also smart enough to know that even if we speak the truth, since you are a stripper, it doesn’t matter that much. If a customer doesn’t like what you have to say, he’ll just simply discredit you by saying, “She’s just a stupid stripper.”
I don’t know why women say, “Strippers have a thicker skin.” Maybe because they think it’s the only way we can survive and not break in this line of business we work. But I find this generalization very humiliating as well, especially, if it comes from a woman who has nev er worked as a stripper. People often have the strongest opinions about things they really don’t know anything about.
I have to say, I find many of my co-strippers very sensitive, vulnerable, and delicate. I find myself being very sensitive, and I get hurt very easily. However, maybe it would be more appropriate to say that many of us dancers have understood a few important things, “You cannot force someone to like you if they don’t. You cannot expect someone to give as much as you are willing to give. You cannot change anybody, and most importantly, it’s OK if people are rude — as long as you can walk away and refocus on yourself. No person can be important enough to throw you off your balance. Because you are a dancer, you are professional, and you will go on doing your job.” Later, you will work out your broken or insulted heart by yourself. You most likely won’t talk to a shrink … but somehow you will find your way to manage, and you won’t let humanity break you. We all have our coping mechanisms.

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