Over the years, working as a stripper, I have heard many things that men say that still do not make sense to me. Like when you ask a customer if he wants a lap dance, and he says with a cocky undertone, “I don’t do lap dances. I am spoiled. I regularly travel for work to China.” Now in my subconscious this brings many thoughts up, like “sex trafficking, prostitution rings, pedophiliac, sex slaves, sexual abuse, cheap prostitution, disease ridden sex, sex with minors …” Why in the world would an adult man come to a strip club in the USA and admit that he has engaged into cheap sex and the possibility of having sex with a woman who has no other choice than working as an underpaid sex slave? What does a man like that thinks he proofs? That he’s a smart business man who knows how to get the best deal? Why in the world would anybody admit that they are a cheap fuck, who has no consideration for the other person involved? It certainly won’t get him laid in the strip club.

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