1.) Don’t spend money you haven’t made yet. The strip club can trick you. After a very good shift at the club you might get sucked into splurging, thinking the club will always be so generous. But that might not be the case. Usually, a good night makes up for a bad night, and it all balances out. But you never know … Never live beyond your means.
2.) Do not believe anybody what they are saying or promising. I have come across people in the club that make up stories you won’t believe. I’ve met famous musicians (not), billionaires, lottery winners, men have proposed to me in the club, confessed their eternal love, promised to save me (what made them think I need saving?), cars, houses, a carefree life has been promised … all sorts of things are said during a shift. I am not accusing anybody of lying, most of these people believe their own shit, but when it comes down to the facts, they are not who they say they are.
3.) Let people be who they are. Unfortunately, most of the times calling people out on the bullshit they are trying to sell you doesn’t make a difference. You cannot change the world nor a single person. Rather listen than talk, that way you can hear their contradictions, uncover a psychopath — and believe me there are more out there than you think, and protect yourself from being sucked into someone’s delusions. Stay grounded, treat everybody with the respect you want to be treated with no matter if they say they are a homeless person, a famous musician, or the king of Mars.

Of course, these rules apply to life outside of the club as well!

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