I have heard it many times now. I’ve heard only man say it. And I’ve finally come to understand what it means when he says, “The strip club is a fantasy world.” In his delusional mind it is a fantasy world, because he thinks, “I would think, I am interesting enough for you to talk to me without being paid in lap dances or tipped on stage.” But he is not. No matter how interesting he or she is, when we strippers are on our shift, we are entertainers and we expect to be paid for entertaining whether we talk to a customer, dance privately or on stage for them. Even if you would be my boyfriend! When you come to visit me at work you cannot go on a free ride. And in reality, the strip club to me is the most sobering place in the world when it comes to relationships. Because people think, since it’s a fantasy, world they can let their guard down and their true colors will reveal. It is astonishing to me what I have learned about humanity, men, relationships, and marriage in my years working as a stripper. There is nothing fantasizing about it. It’s just disillusioning.

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