After a tiring shift at the club many girls spill deep secrets from their lives. I don’t know if it’s due to the fact that alcohol finally take an effect on them, or maybe exhaustion makes us let our guard down, or maybe we feel so connected to some of the dancers — like the warriors that survived Vietnam — especially, if you pushed together through a daunting shift … We were all exhausted, and she was known to be one of the more introverted, shy girls, but she blurred it out without holding anything back from us, “My boyfriend hurts my feelings all the time. I don’t ask or want anything from him, but he always makes false promises. Last weekend, he told me he would take me shopping, then he promises to take me to Catalina Island, another time, he said he was going to take me to a concert … the promises are endless but he never comes through with any of it.” I felt bad for her. We all know these type of men, so I tried to ease her pain and disappointment, “I know how you feel, but he doesn’t mean to hurt you.” She interrupted, “I know he can’t do all the things he wants to do. He’s not man enough.” I confirmed, “You’re right, he’s isn’t man enough. But also know, that most men think when they fantasize about something it counts as if they actually did it. Most people even live their lives like this. They dream so vividly about their successful career, their perfect relationship, passionate love, and all the things that they will do one day, some day … it seems they get more satisfaction out of the dream than the actual life experience could ever offer them. Most people are dream weavers.” As a stripper you really can’t live that much in fantasies. You have to be a daredevil in order to be a dancer and go back to the club, because it’s so fantasy trashing, a dreamer would never even make it through one shift.

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