Call me a conservative stripper, an extremist, opinionated, religious, close minded … — I am probably somehow all of the above — but when it comes to the female form I believe all women are created perfectly. That is when we are at a healthy weight, taking care of our bodies, and cherishing the curves that God has given us. Any time, I see a breast augmentation, a butt enhancement, a liposuction, or any other surgical procedure that was unnecessary I feel a deep, dark, scary shiver in my stomach. Of course, it is every woman’s choice, however, any doctor who performs procedures like this cannot be a true advocate of health. We women, when we cherish our bodies and take care of them, are divine, beautiful creations, and it hurts me when a woman chooses to mutilate her body because she thinks she’s not beautiful, not good, not enough. The Kardashians even advertise their procedures and their surgeon. How can society support this? And follow it? How can we forget that creation is divine when kept in good health?

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