Married, yet, unhappily married? Staying because of the kids? Getting married because the wedding invitations are already sent out? Choosing to do what the family expects? Walked away from love to marry what looks perfect on paper? Seeing a good old stripper to cope with it, whatever misery you have chosen to live, stay in, or continue to develop?
Well, we all have choices and the “staying for the kids” is not going to buy you any points with me. Because if you are staying and miserable, then what are you teaching your kids about marriage, relationships, love, and passion? That all of this is suppose to be misery, pain, and suffering?
Look, I hear many stories from men and women. And if your fear of change is keeping you in your chosen misery then it comes down to just one simple thing: snap out of it. If you are still there, then in the end, this is what you want for yourself. You’re not a martyr … you have a choice … then choose to stay with love. Love the life you have created and don’t have the courage to leave. Be happy with what you are choosing, because maybe you’re just miserable since your parents chose to be miserable and that’s what you learned from them. Joyfulness is a choice. Scrub the floors with joy, enjoy the nagging wife’s tantrum, arrange yourself with the cheater husband (and most importantly don’t share his STDs), love the brat children because they hold you the mirror … or otherwise get the fuck out and choose other joy. It’s your choice between misery and joy? Trust me, it’s much more fun to live in joy and embrace what you have chosen than being a sour puss or limp dick. Live your life with courage.

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