Surrendering to the things we have no power over doesn’t mean to give up. It means to live by example without forcing others to fit your ideal. Acceptance and self-awareness can lead to a peaceful life. Often, pain is caused when we realize we don’t mean as much to people as they mean to us, they don’t care as much about us as we care for them, they aren’t willing to invest as much in us as we have invested into them, they don’t share the same desires, don’t like to spend as much time with us as we would like to spend with them. Often, the people we have set as a priority in our lives have put us last in theirs. But often, it is not their fault for leaving us with the feeling of betray and neglect. Most of the times, it is the lack of self-awareness that blinds us to see the reality. I see so many people blaming others for their pain, meanwhile, they refuse to see the other person for who they truly are. The urge to create in our fantasy the perfect lover, friend, husband, or family member is a selfish act and inconsiderate towards the person we really deal with. Reality is that there is no perfect match to any of your life situations. There is only one way to find freedom: seeing the other person for who they truly are and want to be, accepting it without adapting to their standards, and then listening to the heart and what it guides you to do without slipping back into loving the fantasy person wishful thinking has created. It is not easy to accept people for who they truly are, but it is certainly freeing.

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